Why Yes, It is ALL About Me.

Hard work pays off!OK – this is the last installment of 20 Questions about me. You can read about the first three entries: Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You, and More About Me.

What is on your bookshelf?
I only have three bookshelves in the house – one contains knitting magazines, quilting books, photo books, work books (and books in which I am published), and a few miscellaneous books that I’ve collected over the years. The two book sheaves in my bedroom contain my international teddy bear collection and a bunch of books that I have set aside to read, along with journals, self-help books, parenting books, yoga/mystical books, business books, like Getting Things Done, and books my mom has given me to read.

What should every woman try at least once in her life?
This is a tough one. I am tempted to say having a child but that isn’t for everyone. I’m even more tempted to say natural childbirth, but that didn’t happen for me either — three C-Sections. Hmmm, what should every woman try at least once in her life? Dong what she wants, when she wants to? I mean what kind of a question is this? Every woman should try — an entire spa day with friends? An entire day in bed with her significant other? Something that really scares her? Like jumping out of an airplane? Introducing herself to someone she really admires? There are so many things every woman should try, it’s hard to narrow it down to one thing!

What splurge is well worth it?
Splurging on something that makes you look and feel fabulous is always worth it. I found a pair of white pants, navy t-shirt, and scarf at a store in LA recently. The pants were on sale for like $20, the shirt wasn’t on sale, nor was the scarf; but I looked at the scarf (along with its price tag of $49) and asked my self if I really liked it and if I would regret not getting it (it’s not like I go to LA very often, and certainly not to shop). I love scarves and I loved this one, so I decided to buy the pants and the scarf and wear the outfit with a navy t-shirt I already had. Perfect, and worth the splurge (see the picture).

What are three things on your last credit card statement?
I put everything on my credit card. What isn’t on there? Narrowing it down to three things… a new pair of jeans (for $10, thank you Ross), birthday dinner for a friend when we visited a new restaurant in town, contact lenses and prescription sunglasses (ouch).

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?
I’m not sure I’ve been given much advice, but if I were to give advice, advice that I wished I had been given, this is what I would have wanted it to be — Be yourself, everyone else is taken! Sometimes it’s really hard to hold on to your own beliefs in the face of opposition from friends and family. It takes courage. It takes stamina, and it takes an undying faith in yourself. If you are yourself, and not pretending to be someone else or who you think someone else wants you to be, then it is easier to hold on to your own beliefs and what is important to you.

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