Got Exercise?

Am I sweating enough?

Thankfully, I have a good strong habit of exercising every day. But after I ran a 10K in May I decided to walk more and run less. I think that walking was fine to keep moving and to keep my step count closer to the 10,000 a day level but I think I need to sweat when I exercise otherwise it’s like regular movement and not exercise to my body. I think I need to sweat to lose weight or maintain it.

I mix things up with circuit training a couple of times a week – jumping jacks, high knees, lunges, squats, push ups, tricep dips, along with my usual wall-sit and calf-raises. I think my body has gotten used to these exercises and is ho hum about them. To combat the “usual routine” fatigue, I decided to throw in a plank or two. This addition is working well.

Unfortunately, I discovered that I haven’t been going to the gym as often for yoga or weight training. Instead, I’ve been going back to sleep because I wake up exhausted from the restless sleep I’ve been getting. Not good on all fronts!

A hard body at 48? I haven’t had it at any age, making it very unlikely that I will achieve one now without serious gym time or turning into a gym rat, which may not be a bad idea (as it’s air conditioned there AND I can people watch). In any case, I don’t want a hard body, I just want to be in shape, have energy to do the activities I want to do, and to feel light, not ponderous.

So, I guess I need less walking and more running (or biking or kick-boxing, or whatever can make me work up a sweat), to help keep me at an exercise level that will make a difference. Ugh! I guess there is no easy button for exercise!

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