12 Days of Christmas

I had this brilliant idea in 2011 of blogging about Christmas and doing a little cadre of blogs for the 12 days of Christmas and to cover certain topics (some fun and some funny). It’s taken me a little while to cover all of the things that I mapped out way back then! I’ve tried to compile them all here so you can enjoy them all – here are the 12 (or more) Days of Christmas:

  1. Real or Fake (and I’m not talking about boobs, here)!
  2. Christmas Music, Love it or Hate it?
  3. Pictures With Santa
  4. Favorite Christmas Foods
  5. Christmas Letter or Cards?!?
  6. Favorite Christmas Traditions
  7. (Sometimes) Holiday Traditions
  8. Unique Christmas Decorations, a Labor of Love
  9. Christmas Pageant or Holiday Concert?
  10. Best Gifts
  11. Gift Giving Strategies
  12. Christmas Shopping Strategies
  13. Surviving the Holidays

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